What if there is a solution that can automate stock trading and reduce the risk at the same time? Where technology is helping more industries make better predictions and improve on a daily basis? And that this solution makes it possible to stop working long before you’re 67? No, it’s not a dream but a reality. Xue Li will be your guide.

Xue Li, born in Jiaozuo (China) and living in the Netherlands for almost 15 years, was always fascinated with business & technology. After studying Electronic Engineering and Supply Chain Management she rolled into the consultancy world at EY & Capgemini helping her customers with business intelligence.

Change of business
After hearing from her former boss that he had started a new start-up in Venlo she was curious if this would be something for herself. Applying Artificial Intelligence in the domain of Financial Trading sounded interesting since mathematical modeling was her thing.

Buy or sell
And in a brave moment, she decided to switch. Programming an algorithm that helps people make better decisions and eliminate the risk.  All by artificial intelligence. “I developed a computer program that can make the decision or you buy or sell stocks. No, it's not dangerous. You don’t have to be afraid of it. ”

And the best thing? It's not only for companies. You can learn it yourself. Wonder how? Xue Li will be your guide on November 5th in the Maaspoort. 

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