How can you spice up your love life? Behaviour scientist’s Linette Mak knows how. “With food!”

Exploring her curiosity on food in relation to cultures Linette Mak’s interest for customs and traditions, increased her desire for Lust, Love and Life. With her talk on food in relation to sexual desires, foodpioneer Linette tells a compelling and experimental story on how to spice-up your love life, from a behaviour scientist’s point of view.

Ditch the oysters
Surely you all will have heard about the fact that certain food assumingly would increase your senses and probably your sex drive. As a behaviour scientist and food pioneer Linette takes her exploration of these so-called aphrodisiacs to a next level. How food and more specific how you experience food can improve your sexual health.

Diet for sexual health
Do you at times have this uncertain uncomfortable feeling not able to talk about sex, even more daring your own sex life? You can imagine how brave this TEDxVenlo speaker Linette must be to explore with you her diet for Sexual Health in an intimate conversation, stimulating your appetite for Lust, Love and healthy Living.  

Let’s talk about sex, baby
Let’s talk about the flowers and the bees, from the honey of the beehive to how to behave in order to increase your Sexual Health. Behavioural Scientist Linette Mak will surely spice up this Be Brave – 2019 edition of TEDxVenlo.

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