How do you deal with challenges in life when that little voice in your head says you can’t do it? Chantal Linders (48) has developed a serious game that allows you to manage your own health and resilience.

Are you familiar with that little voice in your head? It whispers you can’t do something and makes you doubt or anxious. Chantal calls it the monster in your head. But what if you could manage that monster?

Life path
No life follows the same path. In our personal lives, we face challenges that test our emotional mettle, like illness, grief, divorce, poverty or even starting a new job. Chantal Linders walked around with the question, how can we help people to manage these challenges?

The trigger came from her own bladder infections and the fact that she took antibiotics for 20 years. An advice from an expert changed her life, by almost solely focussing on her eating habits. "I have never had those infections again."

Looking for answers
She wanted to help others live healthier and, above all, more positive lives. To develop the game, Chantal did a lot of research into people's behaviour and needs. She was looking for answers to the questions: 'How do people actually learn? And 'how can you learn as effectively as possible?'

Create habit
She became fascinated by the brain and the methods that intensify the learning process. She used the minimum amount of time for learning new habits, 68 days. And by applying the same technique of brain learning, but then in a game. The holistic approach (physical, mental and social elements) in the game and the positive approach to people creates self-confidence, self-reflection, self-management and resilience. In this way, a sustainable change in behavior can be created.

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