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Are you willing to step out of your comfort zone and step on that red dot? Then don't hesitate and SHAPE THE FUTURE!

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In 2021 we found 9 fantastic speakers who popped the bubble and who were courageous enough to inspire you with their ideas. Check out their talks on youtube!

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9 Speakers will pop some bubbles for you and inspire you with their ideas worth spreading.


Feeling the need to innovate, to get inspired and to feel continuous progress? Together we will bring innovations to the next step! In November 2021 our TEDxVenlo will take place. During this event we want to break through borders, between countries, industries, enterprises and people, to connect valuable innovations and inspirational people. We strive to inspire people to rethink their ideas, beliefs and opinions so that collaboration between people and organizations will boost innovation.

By organizing TEDxVenlo and several partner-events we believe we can strengthen the ideas and opinions about this region. It is our ambition that this region ultimately will be embraced as a region for innovation, for working and for living.