TEDx talks 2018
Charlotte Hendriks is breaking fertility taboo’s with ‘a pin for your thoughts’

“The impact is huge and everyone must know someone in their direct circle who struggles with fertility issues. However the topic is still considered a taboo”. Charlotte Hendriks, 28, alongside Loes van de Laar, is the Co-Founder of the 'A pin for your thoughts' foundation.


“Making it easier to talk about infertility is a success on it’s own”
In the Netherlands, every 1 in 6 couples has difficulties getting pregnant, of which up to 54% struggle with psychological tension such as depression and anxiety. Infertility and...

TEDx talks 2018
Running for awareness with Nicole Vernhout

“I want to inspire people to take their health and life in their own hands, that nature has all we need to stay healthy and strong, we don’t need to be consumers of pharmaceutical industries.” Nicole Vernhout, 27, A nutritional specialist and endurance athlete plunges into the reality of taking control over your own health.

This is not your ordinary mundane nutrition review, this is Nicole, sharing her personal journey in healthy practices.

No challenge is too hard, nothing is impossible
With a bachelor’s degree in medicine and an imminent masters graduate in Health...

TEDx talks 2018
Channeling ‘hot air’ waste to your greenhouse with Jeroen Burks

“Residual streams is one of the key issues for our energy transition.” Jeroen Burks, 30, founder of Blockheating, envisions a residual waste innovation that utilizes excess heat from data servers.

Are you familiar with residual streams? The leftovers of energy? Do you ever think about the costs vs payoffs on the products you invest in? Jeroen did.

“Business and private wise, I find it difficult to overpay for a product or service. There are...



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