Why you can't miss the intermezzos of TEDxVenlo 2017

Besides twelve amazing speakers, we also have some wonderful artists on stage. Meet the performers of the TEDxVenlo 2017 intermezzos.

Lone Road Station and Laserforum
The six guys from Lone Road Station who are from Venlo will give you an energetic and dynamic performance filled with modern songs with a 70’s and 80’s vibe. But Lone Road Station won't open TEDxVenlo alone. Together...

Meet the hosts of TEDxVenlo 2017!

Martine van der Meijden and Gijs Hillmann invite you into an unreal world with 12 speakers and their inspirational, eye-opening talks. On November 7th they will connect speakers with the attendees and gear everyone up for action.

Meet Gijs Hillmann!


The power of telling stories
The power of telling stories is what inspires Gijs most. As a coach for TEDxVenlo speakers he always tries to see the best in them: “I see them as a rough diamonds that need to be polished to get to...

TEDx talks 2017
Roy Lenders shows you the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, we use it every day. “Often, we just don’t know it's artificial intelligence,” says speaker Roy Lenders. With this TEDx Talk on November 7th in de Maaspoort he will give us insight into A.I. and show the possibilities. “By using AI companies can gain a competitive advantage versus their competitors.”

Weird? Not at all. For instance, look at iPhone’s Siri. “She’ is a program with artificial intelligence technology. Facebook also uses A.I. to recognize people in photo’s. That is also Artificial Intelligence.”

A lot of big tech...

TEDx talks 2017
Ruud Dullens talks virtual reality and knowledge retention during TEDxVenlo

Entrepreneur and innovator in virtual reality training solutions Ruud Dullens believes in substance over technology. That way we can come to solutions where virtual reality and knowledge retention co-exist and complement each other.

The way forward
Entrepreneur and co-ounder of BlueTea Ruud Dullens believes that virtual simulations offer a straightforward, efficient and enjoyable way to improve people’s skills in a safe environment that they can access whenever they like.

Is it...