Ellis Jansen shows the impact of honest attention

Capturing reality in every photo she takes. That’s the objective of photographer Ellis Jansen.

“Capturing reality needs my observation and the persons willingness and ability to open up. I try to have a true connetion by creating an atmosphere of comfort and trust."

Effort for connection
"To create this atmosphere, I always try to feel...

Nila Patty will show you how to reduce your waste 

Is it possible to sustain your lifestyle and be consisent? “Yes”, says Nila Patty. She changed her lifestyle and will tell you how you can do the same. Step by step. 

Coming from Indonesia where there was a lot of pollution, she initially thought The Netherlands was not polluted at all. However, when taking a closer look, she saw the litter on the ground and the plastic waste. 

It is time to change
Because the...

TEDxVenlo honors the brave ones in 2019

This year we honor the brave. Our theme of 2019. Because before we step out of our comfort zone, we like to be inspired. To see that there is a path we can walk on. We found eleven brave ones who are courageous enough to inspire you with their idea. Who are brave enough to step on that red dot on November 5th in The Maaspoort. Are you brave enough to join? 


Don’t get us wrong. Being brave doesn’t mean you have to jump from a cliff. Or to be Max Verstappen tearing across the circuit of Spa. 

Nope. It’s woven into our daily lives. 

It is saying I love you first. 

It is to move to another country and...


Do you enjoy interviewing people? Making blogs and vlogs (in English)? And do you have about an hour free to spend per week, and in June/September/October up to 4 hours per week? Then we are looking for you!