TEDxVenlo 2019 through the eyes of photographers

Our photographers Constance Jentjens, Kim van der Heul and Ted Boots made sure you can look back on TEDxVenlo 2019 again and again and again. This is TEDxVenlo 2019 through the lens of our photographers.

Independence first, handicapped second | Floris Meijer | TEDxVenlo
TEDx talks 2019
While Floris’ Meijers life was going downhill, it’s just that what makes him reach the top.

While actually going downhill as a professional free style skier, Floris Meijer (1989) broke his back some seven years ago. “While flying mid-air taking a risk full free style ski-jump, in a split second I knew I was flying too high and too far to execute the jump and land it to perfection. Now paralysed from the waist down, Floris a Paralympic athlete, is on route to the Beijing 2022 Paralympics. Surely being a professional skier before his accident, getting all the help an athlete needs, now as before he states: “my perseverance to become as independent as can be is what makes me feel a human being again. A person first, handicapped for sure, but with the ability to reach the top.”

It’s time for Friday love | Lee Immerzeel | TEDxVenlo
TEDx talks 2019
It’s time for Friday love with Lee Immerzeel

Is it possible to revive your love relationship? Can you get the passion and fire back? Lee Immerzeel says “Yes”. He and his wife sparked a new flame in their love life. You can do it too.

About the event


All the information about the TEDxVenlo 2019 Be Brave event in a blink of an eye. 


Date: Tuesday 5 November 2019
Time: Walk in from 12:30 hrs
Program starts at 13:00 hrs
Program ends around 18:00 hrs

Theater De Maaspoort
Oude Markt 30, Venlo

Please bring your entrance ticket with QR code either printed or on your phone.

For a route description and nearest parking facilities see here

Please note the details of the program order will not be disclosed prior to the event. For information about the speakers seethis page.