“Passionately sharing one’s vision” is what intrigues both our hosts of TEDxVenlo 2019, while following the preparation of all 12 speakers. Stefanie Wienhoven (46) and Funs Pollux (36) both only a few months involved with TEDxVenlo, are excited about the opportunity to be hosting TEDxVenlo 2019.

A dream team in the making
Stefanie: ”I was pleasantly surprised when Howard Lettinga, speaker coach at TEDxVenlo, phoned me with the request of becoming host and present this year’s edition. An offer I could not refuse my former work colleague.”
“A duo presenting job which still needed a second host”, Stefanie explains, “when I saw Funs presenting Nedinscoplein at our local broadcaster -  Omroep Venlo – I tipped Howard to ask Funs.”

Funs: “I didn’t hesitate and immediately say yes. But for sure it will be a challenge that we bravely accepted. Have you seen the mainstage at the Maaspoort? That’s something different than presenting a television talkshow.  All speakers must be brave to stand up and share their Idea worth spreading before 700 people, let alone in English!”

Learning by doing
As a professional communication manager Stefanie will have no problem presenting in English, but feels the hesitance of locals to visit an all in English event. Funs: “That’s where our speaker coaches come in, making sometimes complex ideas understandable for a large and diverse audience. And for us as presenters it will help next to hosting the event. And giving the TEDxVenlo speakers a comfortable and relaxed welcome on stage, while keeping the audience sharp and eager to listen.” Stefanie; “And to have fun, most of all. Sharing the pleasure of being part of something bigger.”

Personal reflections on “Be Brave”
How does “Be Brave” as our TEDxVenlo main theme, reflects your personal lives? Both had a really good look at how many plastic packaging they as consumers have at home, inspired by one of the speakers. There is a lot of it and a simple eye-opener as a call for action.

After rephrasing the question; “When were you Brave as an individual?”,at first adrenaline rushes like skydiving, mountain climbing came across. Finally and most humble, Stefanie spoke about starting a new study while maintaining a full-time job that according to others needed some bravery. Funs at the end of our little conversation, spoke about him recently quitting as an entrepreneur now preparing a move to the Bayern region in Germany, to go and live with his girlfriend.

How brave can one get?

The answer to that question for all speakers on stage in this year’s edition of TEDxVenlo, will be presented to you by our hosts Stefanie Wienhoven and Funs Pollux.   

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