The intermezzos of TEDxVenlo 2019 will make sure you get goosebumps. Want to dance. Embrace your vulnerable side and get wondered by the magic world. Who they are? Read their article.

Brandon Smeets - Magical entertainer

Magical entertainment intermezzo at TEDxVenlo 2019 is provided by Brandon Smeets.
Brandon became fascinated with the world of magic at a very young age. What started as a hobby has grown into his real passion: entertaining the crowd.
With his magical acts Brandon always knows how to entertain people during business and private events. In addition to his wide repertoire of magic tricks, his natural, casual and humorous way of entertaining goes smoothly together. He gives the audience a look into the world of magic in an interactive and humoristic way.

Follow Brandon on Facebook at @brandonsmeetsmagic, and at


Jelske Wilmer - Musical intermezzos

Musical intermezzos at TEDxVenlo 2019 are provided by singer-songwriter Jelske Wilmer.

In 2011, her debut album Breeze was released. This earned her a guest appearance on Radio 3FM as well as supporting act appearances with renowned artists such as Jan Akkerman and Janne Schra. In 2014 and 2015, during the Venlo Heartbeat project, Jelske played two shows in the Domani and the Maaspoort theaters in Venlo together with Mike Roelofs and Baer Traa. This project took them all way outside of their comfort zones, playing both self-composed work and covers on a variety of new instruments.
In September 2017, Jelske left the Netherlands and departed on a journey to write new songs and return to her musical basics. That resulted in seven songs, pure, personal and vulnerable, featuring only the guitar and her voice, that can be heard on her new album On My Way.

Follow her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter at @jelskemusic, and at


Luidspreker - Creative intermezzos (opening video, speaker intros and ending video) for TEDxVenlo 2019 

Luidspreker is a design-driven, award-winning agency based in Venlo committed to ambitious, communication makers. The Luidspreker team of talented professionals delivers creative communication that is visual, clear, unexpected and effective. Luidspreker clients range from non-profits to global organizations, from government agencies to high-tech enterprises. Luidspreker is a sponsor of TEDxVenlo. Together with the TEDxVenlo marketing team Luidspreker developed the Be Brave branding theme and visual language of TEDxVenlo 2019: Be Brave!

For the intermezzos they created the opening video, the short video intros to each speaker and the ending video compilation.


Tom Hoeve: Hyperion & Hoeve Media - Custom music for TEDxVenlo 2019 videos

Tom Hoeve (aka DJ Tom) composed unique soundtracks for the TEDxVenlo 2019 videos and video leaders produced by Luidspreker.

Says Tom: “I am a big believer in side hustles. These activities help me be more creative in my day job at Océ-Technologies in Venlo. At TEDxVenlo two of my side hustles converge: as Hyperion I produce hardstyle, hard dance music, and as Hoeve Media I help small businesses to boost their online and offline presence and image.” Tom was born and raised in Maasbree, the Netherlands, near Venlo. In his day job at Océ he is a Communications Professional, supporting the launch of Océ products around the world. Tom has composed music for many local and regional events.