This year we honor the brave. Our theme of 2019. Because before we step out of our comfort zone, we like to be inspired. To see that there is a path we can walk on. We found eleven brave ones who are courageous enough to inspire you with their idea. Who are brave enough to step on that red dot on November 5th in The Maaspoort. Are you brave enough to join? 

Don’t get us wrong. Being brave doesn’t mean you have to jump from a cliff. Or to be Max Verstappen tearing across the circuit of Spa. 

Nope. It’s woven into our daily lives. 

It is saying I love you first. 

It is to move to another country and start a new life. 

It is to give someone another chance. 

But it is also to love kids who are not your own. 

Or the single mother who is working hard to give her children a better future. 

And of course, the speaker who is stepping on that red dot to tell a story that is worth to share.

Basically, it is you and me. Inspire each other. Encourage each other to take that next step. 


The brave ones on stage 

The ones that will inspire you on November 5th in The Maaspoort are: 

  • Bilal Najjia who let you see why you don’t judge a book by its cover. 

  • Nila Patty who made a brave choice and inspire others to do the same. 

  • Jev Kuznetsov who will try to feed us in the future in a sustainable way. 

  • Joseline Jacobs who let teachers play so they’ll have fun teaching children how to learn.

  • Ellis Jansen who tells us about the impact of a photographer. 

  • Chantal Linders who shows that working on your health can be fun

  • Linette Mak who shows us the link between food and sexual desire

  • Peter van Paridon who shows that his green solution was right there, under our noses. 

  • Xue Li tell all about what Artifical Intelligence can mean for us in a financial way. 

  • Patrick Szilliat who shows us why and how you manage lousy managers. 

  • Floris Meijer who shows that after an accident with a complete spinal cord injury can still achieve your goal.

Keep an eye on our website. The interviews with our speakers will soon be published. 

TEDxVenlo is affiliated with TED, a is a nonprofit organization devoted to ‘Ideas Worth Spreading’. TED organises conferences worldwide where speakers host short so-called ‘TED Talks’ that specialise on a broad range of subjects, such as technology, education and design.