It is important for teachers to have fun. “Because giving teachers the responsibility to create space results in growth in both teacher and student’, says Joseline Jacobs. 

Understanding pupils is something that's way harder then you think. Joseline is a math teacher and now a head teacher in education and calls herself strict but fair.  After her childhood in the south of the Netherlands she did a study that not many girls have done, engineering.
 "There were certainly challenges for me as a girl". She is seen as a “powerwoman” by her community. As a little kid she was always a brave kid doing her best to explore, this is her story. 

Having fun: a woman with a motto
Go hard or go home. Joseline describes herself as a woman with perseverance and says that her best friend is Google. “I want to know everything.” And her goal is that her pupils and teachers have fun while they learn or teach.
“It is extremely important to go to school or work with pleasure.  At school everyone learns from each other and your creativity comes to the surface.” But what if you really test this out on a high school? 

“Let the teachers have fun, so they will have fun teaching children how to learn.” Is it as simple as that? Joseline will tell us more how YOU can get fun while teaching in November at the 2019 TEDxVenlo.

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