Agriculture in the Netherlands must change. Why? Because we import most of our animal feed we are one of the causes of the destruction of the rain forest. The solution? Peter van Paridon (60) knows how. He uses a traditional local product to produce animal feed that can become eventually also our food.

The way we feed our animals has a great impact on the environment. You can reduce that considerably by sourcing our food locally for example not from South America but simply from The Netherlands. “We have to produce our animal feed locally. Difficult? No, we have plenty of options.” 

Environment, rainforest, farmers
If we listen to Peter and go with his solution it will not only be better for our environment. Or the rainforest. But also for the farmers. “Now, livestock must be reduced due to environmental impact. Our solution reduces the manure problem and therefore less need for reduction.”

Peter believes so strongly in his solution that, after his job at a multinational, he has chosen to work for a small startup in the southeast of the Netherlands. “I have chose this path with no regrets. Maybe I should have done this earlier.” 

It's under your nose. Literally 
But what is that solution? It was right there. Right under our noses. ""It has far more potential benefits for animals AND people alike than ever thought of before." 

Three hints 
Peter gives a hint. “It is local. And in refined form it gives the ideal protein for cows, chickens and pigs. Its sugar fraction is beneficial for the intestinal flora of the animals and it gives an organic fertilizer. And it helps to reduce the environmental impact of our farming.’’

Do you know what it is? Peter will tell you all about it and how you can use his solution on November 5th. 

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