Encountering the “Blaming and Shaming” of the traditional petrochemical industry heads-on, postdoctoral researcher at Eindhoven University of Technology Dannie van Osch makes a convincing plea with stunning research for innovative platform chemicals.

Existing oil refineries can increase their sustainability by using a different raw material input, namely oil made from lignin, one of the components of wood, which is currently seen as a waste stream.

Green oil
Crude lignin oil can be made from lignin directly or by extraction the lignin from wood. This oil is comparable to fossil oil. It creates the possibility of also being used to make chemicals, materials such as plastic and fuels with a much lower CO2 impact on the world.

Persistence pays off
Dannie’s passion revolves around this research, which even gets him up in the middle of the night to write down new ideas. Once sleeping again he’s dreaming of what is now referred to as the “Green Gold.”
“Too many times the development of extremely useful scientific research ends up on the bookshelf, not being used in practice“, Dannie explains, determined through his projects to achieve a different outcome.

Trees instead of oil
Are you intrigued by the fact that with growing new trees and forests, even the oil industries can become CO2-neutral via new and innovative technologies,  even have a positive impact on the world? Come and listen to how the world can be changed for the better according to Dannie van Osch at TEDxVenlo.
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