Menno Lauret, the 39-old Plasma enthusiast, will take you on a thrilling dive into the unknown and complex field of physics. “plasma is a very complex physical phenomenon with many, many applications that have not yet all fully matured. It is a magic wand for doing chemistry.”

Fusion energy? What’s that? Well, imagine a night sky full of stars.  Stars shine because they create their own energy through fusing atoms together under extremely high temperatures.

Producing clean energy
Menno accidentally  rolled into nuclear fusion. He had never even heard of the topic. Nowadays he knows all about it and has worked in research as a PhD student and researcher on the topic of Nuclear Fusion both in Europe and the USA. What makes this so special is, it’s a study focused on generating e clean energy by means of making a plasma of sea water. Having undergone a fascinating transition, Menno now works as a Plasma Engineer for Bright Society and Blue Engineering to develop plasma technology to replace all kind of dirty and polluting processes with cleaner plasma processes.

Plasma is a very unknown yet common state of matter that has many exotic properties and actually exists closer to you than you know. His TED talk will be based on the captivating science of applying plasma to technology and the manufacturing industry.

 Star Potential
“The potential in plasma technology is huge, several of the applications can have a major impact on our world in the future. It has many applications that have not yet all fully matured, applications  that could potentially be used to create a more sustainable quality of life through clean energy and waste disposal.”

Plasma in understandable terms
Menno has a plan for November 6th. “I will explain in understandable terms what plasma is and show that this type of esoteric field can potentially have a huge impact and change the world.” The plasma guru wants to help people understand what plasma is simply about. It will be an eye-opening opportunity for the community including the youth and potential architects of society. “I hope some young people will be made enthusiastic for doing an engineering or physics study, as well as people in general, will understand the importance of supporting the research into fundamental physics as some of the discoveries will potentially have a huge impact on their own lives.”

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