“We have to pay more attention to our inner network. In times of digitalization, AI, increasing speed of information transmission and misleading role models I think the ability of Mental Training, thus increasing self-awareness, is something which is essential for our well-being.” Lecturer, Project Manager and Mental Trainer Sophia Gruner creates awareness and shows different perspectives to improve work efficiency.

“A look into the mirror”
As a lecturer in Logistics Management at a Dutch university I work together with young talents. I coach and mentor them, besides teaching courses I’m also responsible for international relationships with other universities. So I frequently get  travel the world and network with the goal to initiate projects and foster relationships. It’s amazing" 

"But there is an ignored factor that influences people from living their best corporate life, and that is a mental strain. In my work as a Mental Trainer I support people in shedding what is holding them back and develop strategies with them on how they can achieve their set goals. My belief is that every person in life is a teacher who can show you a new perspective or let you take a “look in the mirror”. You just have to be open to it.

Optimizing the best inner us
"It’s time that we as humans focus on our inner network, thus our body and mind, again. We spent time optimizing our outer networks as such as enhancing our client relations and digitalising our social network. But what about us? People have lost their inner connection and it’s resulted in fatal consequences."
"People get to know themselves more, the more they will be able to meet each other truthfully. There is still a lot of miscommunication, mistrust and urge for recognition due to a lack of self- awareness and self-esteem. Inner fulfillment contributes to satisfaction and true emotional intelligence where business and private relations will thrive."

Getting through to people
On the 6th of November, Sophia wants people to realize that they have the ability to influence their own perception and that this will inevitably have a positive influence on their surroundings.

"Mental training not just comprises of coping tools but it’s a way of living. It’s suitable for everybody who is willing to take responsibility for their own lives. Pay attention to your inner network, this is more powerful than most people realize. Learn to focus again, dare to feel the messages of your body and admit that you first need to take care of yourself before you can truly care for others."

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