“The impact is huge and everyone must know someone in their direct circle who struggles with fertility issues. However the topic is still considered a taboo”. Charlotte Hendriks, 28, alongside Loes van de Laar, is the Co-Founder of the 'A pin for your thoughts' foundation.

“Making it easier to talk about infertility is a success on it’s own”
In the Netherlands, every 1 in 6 couples has difficulties getting pregnant, of which up to 54% struggle with psychological tension such as depression and anxiety. Infertility and subfertility do not discriminate, it is a real current issue.

Charlotte Hendriks, 28, alongside Loes van de Laar, is the co-founder of ‘A pin for your thoughts’ foundation that was established in 2016. The initiative encapsulates the world-wide phenomena of infertility and addresses the taboo through raising social awareness in active civic engagement. It poses a defiant question on the difficulties of getting pregnant.

The quintessential Charlotte
"Better an oops than a what if’. I received a wooden sign with these words as a birthday present from my brother and sister as it describes me perfectly. I believe it is ever so important to try your very best at everything you do and to go outside your comfort zone every once in a while, for what is the worst that can happen?" 

Her failing forward attitude has equipped her to tackle head on the challenging topic of infertility that has not received a desirable pull of attention within The Netherlands and across borders, making it a unique and relevant issue to address on the TEDx stage.

Her Goal And Vision
“We need to reach as many people as possible with our message”. ‘A pin for your thoughts’ strives to firstly raise conscious awareness for infertility, and secondly, disturb the taboo affiliated with the subject. An endearing task “that takes time and support by many people”.

TEDxVenlo provides the platform and the spectators, which is a pertinent vehicle for growing awareness. “By speaking to the TEDxVenlo audience, I hope to make them realise how many people struggle with infertility. I hope they will become ambassadors for raising more awareness of the issue”.

Charlotte not only strives to improve general knowledge on the topic of infertility, but she also engages the need for communication on delicate discussions, not only in relation to infertility but to various other concerns that are not candidly addressed.

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