TEDxVenlo is back! On Tuesday November 7th twelve passionate speakers will enlighten attendees with ideas worth spreading on a range of interesting subjects. From 1PM-6PM TEDxVenlo welcomes people at Theater De Maaspoort who seek a deeper understanding of the world and invite them to get unreal.

TEDxVenlo, an independently organized TED event, will present an afternoon of powerful TEDx Talks at Theater De Maaspoort in Venlo.

Get Unreal
This years theme is Get Unreal. We look for reason, whilst at the same time discovering that sometimes there is no reason. It just is. In a mindful state you accept the facts of life, trying to find your own explanation and create a world that makes you relaxed and happy.
Then, suddenly,when you think you found your reality, something or somebody strikes you and leaves you puzzled. You discover unreality, in another person, idea or situation.

How does this fit in your life? Do you accept something new, connect with it, embrace it, include it in your life, in one way or another? Can unreality become reality in your world, your life? Why not try and find out?

Please, fantasize
Our theme Get Unreal stands for the opposite of get real. When someone tells you to get real, they want you to get a reality check and to stop behaving as though you're living in a fantasy world.
As TEDxVenlo we do want you to live in a fantasy world. Please, fantasize! About fantastic ideas, new possibilities and energizing breakthroughs. 

Our speakers
It all comes together at our event, attended by professionals, (international) students and people looking for an inspiring afternoon with refreshing takes on ordinary and extraordinary subjects, will feature twelve speakers and twelve wildly different topics ranging from science to environmental to business:

To be a coach you need to be on the TEDx stage at least once. TEDxVenlo coach Howard Lettinga will share his knowledge and TED tools for life.

Researcher Jacky van de Goor thinks living and working purposefully is crucial for a happy life. She will inspire you to answer a tough question that will make you realise what is important in your life.

Biodiversity in soils is crucial. Philippe van der Grinten will explain the importance of keeping our soil healthy and thriving.

Ruud Dullens will inspire people to develop themselves in an efficient and pleasant way. An entrepreneur in the field of virtual reality, he will pose the question whether VR really is a new phenomenon. 

Desktop 3D printing has proven to not be strong enough for mass production. Stephan Schurmann will explain why 3D printing is ready for the next step regardless.

Ans Hekkenberg, science communicator and ambassador of the Dutch Technology Pact, makes a case on why a greater diversity in science and technology is essential to push the boundaries of human knowledge. 

Former top athlete and current law student Frankie Dickens will inspire and tell us about what we do not know about refugees but should.

Artificial intelligence offers massive possibilities for building efficient supply chains in logistics. How? Roy Lenders will pave the way.

‘Healthy’ buildings are the future. Michel Weijers, responsible for the cradle to cradle-inspired Venlo City Hall, will explain why.

Researcher and scientist in the field of food law and nutrition Alie de Boer will build bridges between nutrition and food law. How does law effect new food concepts? Let her vision enlighten you.

If it was up to Vincent Pijnenburg, we would not only celebrate the border but also find ways to exploit it in the best possible way. The euregiographer will share his unique and refreshing vision on intercultural borders. 

Only a few generations ago all rivers were drinkable, now almost none. This is a sign of how we live. Li An Phoa shares her mission to engage local people, companies and every enthusiast towards ‘Drinkable Rivers’ as indicators for healthy ways of living.

Let’s share the power of ideas, create a community of curious minds and change preconceived notions, lives and, ultimately, the world. You can register for TEDx Venlo on Tuesday November 7th on www.tedxvenlo.com/registration.

Let’s get unreal!