Want a new take on (un)reality? Get more involved in the Venlo community? Feel like making a difference for others? Come to TEDx!

Come to TEDx Open Pitch Night.
It’s where potential speakers of TEDxVenlo pitch their great idea to make a chance to present it on our main stage on November 7th. And you can come and join the conversation. We can guarantee you an evening of interesting themes, interesting speakers and interesting audiences. Together we assess every speaker and jointly select the best speakers for our main stage.

TEDx Pitch Night
October 5, Univerity College Venlo, Deken van Oppensingel 23, Venlo
Doors open @ 7:00 PM

TEDx stands for an independently organized TED (technology, entertaining and design) event. Our mission is to find ideas worth spreading. During our TEDx Open Pitch Night potential speakers give a 3 minute pitch of their idea worth spreading to the audience. Together with the audience we assess their idea and its potential. The best speakers will get a spot to present their idea on the main stage of TEDx Venlo, November 7.

The organizers and staff of TEDx Venlo are volunteers. We don't do what we do for the money or the fame - for which there is neither. We do it to make a difference. And people that do things out of passion, do them better.
So take a break from boring and get unreal with TEDx.