TEDxVenlo 2016, Dick Klaassen got the room quiet with his talk about his experience in South Sudan and his friend Stephan. His friend lost his wife and children during a mass slaughter in their village. After this, he was more committed than ever to develop technology with which people all around the globe can call for help.

And so he did! He entered the Top 50 ‘future makers’ in the Netherlands with his company Xeelas and their special transmission device. Dick Klaassen; “the possibilities are endless. We can make it an inconspicuous necklace to track down children taken by human traffickers. It can monitor the temperature of a refrigerator from medicines that people need in refugee camps. The box can transmit locations via satellite determination and it can check other machines. It can work for years with a full battery. "

You can see Dick's full TEDxVenlo talk here.