This fifth edition of TEDxVenlo is again packed with good speakers who show you a glimpse of the future. Want to know who is on the red dot at Theater de Maaspoort on 6 November? Because we do not want you to wait any longer, here is a brief introduction. The long interview will follow in the coming weeks.

Chris Anderson, owner of TED said it before:  ‘It turns out that if you spend a few days opening yourself to brilliance from multiple sources, not just intellectual but also aesthetic, something remarkable happens. You end up getting seized by a sense of possibility, excitement — inspiration, even.

And that is exactly what we want to achieve with TEDxVenlo. We think we get you excited, give you inspiration and all because of our twelve inspirational speakers.

As LGBTI-er (Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Transgender, Intersexual) it is a struggle to find your identity. Creating a better awareness, respect, tolerance and acceptance towards the LGBTI-community, that’s Hans Lenders goal in november. And Hans has his ways to achieve that...

Plasma for sustainability
Menno Lauret knows plasma is a very complex physical phenomenon with many applications that have yet not fully matured. “ It is typical that many of these applications can potentially be used for making the world more sustainable because it is kind of a magick wand for doing chemistry.” He will tell his vision at the main event.

Technical fashion 
Watch out fashion industry! If it is up to Malou Beemer, fashion will be combined with technology and psychology. “It’s the future. We all wear second skins that communicate our identity, our clothing. This is a form of universal human communication.” How she wants to achieve that? You can see that in November.

Mental power 
Sophia Gruner has a purpose: to create awareness of the mental power we carry in us and to explain that we are able to learn to actively influence our well- being and also our performance. Expect in November brain teasers like ‘do we underestimate our mental power in order to support a more relaxed life by even increasing our performance?’

Visual education 
Marc Pruijssers makes a plea for visual communication and artistic/creative/design skills development in education. “Basic maths, science, language, social skills are all important, but today’s society consists of images, not letters, not numbers. Visual language is more powerful, more international, more seductive than any other language.” In november Marc will show you how you can master it.”

Breaking the taboo 
Awareness about fertility issues and breaking the taboo, that's what Charlotte Hendriks wants. To achieve this she has set up a foundation. “We don’t expect everyone start an open discussion about (in)fertility by tomorrow. But by wearing our pin you can show your understanding and support for people who find themselves in a fertility process, without having to put it down in words.”

Education of the future
“The traditional way we educate students of basically all ages is seriously flawed, when we think about what the future profession they will have, asks of them”, Toine Sterk thinks. “If we want students to learn to tackle complex problems and situations, we need to trigger them step out of their comfort zone.” Bring your notebook along to write down the tips and tricks.

Plants make your dream happen
Nicole Vernhout
has a lot of respect for doctors. They perform their profession to the best of their conscience. "Although I do not think they are trained enough in the field of nutrition and often do not believe in its power. The only food that can make your dream happen is plants, pure plants.” At November 6th she will show you why.

Innovation versus costs
Rob Collin has a dream. “I want to make sure that blind or visually impaired people can see (better) again.” He does this by developing innovative therapies together with his team.  Where the technology is expected to go through at high speed, the question is; how this will put the already increasing health care costs even further under high voltage. But Rob has a lot of ideas to tackle that.

Heating greenhouses through servers
Does reuse of energy, lower heating costs and decentralization of servers sound good to you? Then you should definitely come and listen to Jeroen Burks' talk. This Venloner wants to use the heat generated by computer servers to heat greenhouses. How? You will hear that on November 6th.  

The answer to housing
What if it is possible to respond cheaply and quickly to the worldwide rapidly growing need for housing? Peter Broekmans knows that it is possible. In his talk he will show you how we can meet the high demand for accommodation for, among others, homeless people, status holders, students and residential residents.

The dark side of The Netherlands
Danielle van Went
will show you a different side of The Netherlands. One where children doesn’t have a future. As a coordinator human trafficking she knows about the dark side. “Most people don’t know anything about human trafficking and that it is so close to home. I think people have to know the dangers, the victims, because it can be your own child. After my talk you will know about the danger.”