Artificial Intelligence, we use it every day. “Often, we just don’t know it's artificial intelligence,” says speaker Roy Lenders. With this TEDx Talk on November 7th in de Maaspoort he will give us insight into A.I. and show the possibilities. “By using AI companies can gain a competitive advantage versus their competitors.”

Weird? Not at all. For instance, look at iPhone’s Siri. “She’ is a program with artificial intelligence technology. Facebook also uses A.I. to recognize people in photo’s. That is also Artificial Intelligence.”

A lot of big tech companies, like Google, Amazon and Facebook, use the technology but it is not only for the big players in the industry anymore. “Artificial Intelligence is getting more and more common.”

Predicting stock exchange rate
The former hacker started his Artificial Intelligence journey two years ago by predicting the stock prices of Heineken, twenty days in the future. With a background in not only logistics but also ICT, he admits that it was mostly for fun that he build an algorithm based, among others, on barley, hop and temperature.

Planning trucks
Soon some companies asked him to build AI models for their business. Together with two other people Roy started a business and build, among others, an application for transport planning for a logistics service provider. “We plan hundreds of trucks, and we made the planning adaptive so it automatically adapts itself to the GPS coordinates of the trucks and any new orders coming in.”

How to tell a story
Building an algorithm is a piece of cake for Roy and he is used to giving speeches, but giving a talk to a big audience from very diverse backgrounds is something very different, he admits. “Two years ago, I learned about TEDx as a visitor, last year I was a volunteer, this year I’m on stage. It is a big step and invaluable experience, I’m learning a lot.”  Roy is looking forward to November 7th. “I'm working hard on my talk so that I am ready for November 7th.”