Pumped For The Future

Millions of Nepalese farmers have flowing water next to their fields. But because of a height difference, they have trouble getting the water to their fields. When Lennart Budelman and his team started researching this problem, they realized it’s not just a Nepali problem, but also very present in different regions, like Ecuador, Spain and Indonesia. While most of the time it is solved by using a Diesel pump, this solution is very costly, polluting and difficult to operate and maintain. Budelman and his team came up with a different solution: by using the power generated by flowing water, they created a pump that requires no electricity, no gasoline and no degree in rocket science to use. While it’s still in testing phases, the proof of concept versions that are in use have been fantastically received by farmers. This pump is a good example of an inspiring direction our technology could be headed. Using the powers provided by Mother Nature to create tools that not only help the human race, but that also help preserve our world and ecosystem. It might sound too good to be true, but Budelman’s pump is proof it can be done. What’s next?