Is it possible to revive your love relationship? Can you get the passion and fire back? Lee Immerzeel says “Yes”. He and his wife sparked a new flame in their love life. You can do it too.

Lee and his wife Susanne are the typical example of falling in love, but also the common example of a relationship that lost fire and passion.

The power of flowers
In order for a flower to bloom, it needs to be nourished. The same principle goes for a love relationship. If you see a relationship full of love and passion, you can count on it that this is a relationship that gets the nourishment it needs, again and again.

The power of a decision
“Where do I start?” “Where do I begin?” These are the kind of questions Lee often gets asked. His answer: “You have to make the decision to actively do something about it”. Willingness to change starts with a decision we make in our mind; after that we decide to act upon it.

During his TEDx Venlo talk Lee will share his personal story. How did he start? How does he nourish his relationship?

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