We're happy to announce our two hostst for TEDxVenlo 2016!

Annika Pelgrom
Currently working as a TV host for Omroep Venlo and other local Dutch TV networks, Annika started her career in a completely other direction. She graduated from the Law School of the University of Amsterdam and was heading towards a career in law. After some contemplating about the future, she decided she wanted to use her enthusiasm and creativity in another way - to create and present tv-programs. Besides her job as a TV host she loves to travel around the world, where she lived longer periods of time abroad (i.e. Italy, Spain, Canada, Thailand and Singapore).

Erwin Martens
Erwin is a student at Fontys Venlo and joined the TEDxVenlo crew after his debute during the speakerscompetition for students. Unfortunately he didn't make the cut, but this didn't stop Erwin to contribute anyway. So said and done Erwin has found his way to the TEDxVenlo stage, as a host!