My name is Malou Beemer and I am a Dutch designer and researcher, who focusses on working with the body and personal space around it. In my work I am fascinated by human behavior, psychology, movement and the way this translates to nonverbal communication.

Currently I am working in different fields such as; costume design, concept development, coaching of models and teaching dance and body awareness classes. My work is driven by an inner determination and passion which stimulates me to work in these different fields. Furthermore, I believe the era of isolating yourself as a designer in your studio, to come up with the next big thing, is over. In my opinion, collaborating with different fields within interdisciplinary projects is the future, because that is where innovation takes place.

What motivated me to be part of TEDxVenlo, is that I have always felt that TED is a great platform with a vision that I can relate to; ideas worth spreading. To be able to share my story while being in my hometown is the cherry on the cake.

After working in the costume and entertainment business for the past few years, I felt it was time to go back to the roots of my inspiration. During my master 5 years ago, I developed a view on design approaches that is still fundamental to the way I work today. Why should you design on static figures if you design for a human being for whom it is essential to communicate by movement? Start designing with the body instead of on the body. Using the knowledge on non-verbal behavior, in creating a second skin, by using new technologies and materials.

Presenting my idea on the TEDxVenlo platform is exciting. I prepare myself with guidance from my coach and a lot of good coffee. Furthermore, I enjoy talking with people from different backgrounds to collect various perspectives on my idea. 

I am looking forward to sharing my idea and hope to inspire you at TEDxVenlo 2018! See you there.

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