Surrendering yourself to the elements of the sea

Waves unimaginably high. The ocean blue, sometimes pitch black and full of danger. Bela made the ocean her home for 54 days and 20 hours. 3000 miles of water, rain, sun, setbacks and challenges all on a small rowing boat with 3 other ladies!

As a mother of 3 children there was a sense of disbelief at first in her participating in the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge. But her family fully supported their adventurous mother in this once in a lifetime life changing experience!

And so she started preparing for 1.5 years with mental coaching, physical training and team building. Their goal was not only to reach the finish line but also to give something back to the ocean that they could call their home for a while. In doing so, they were aware that not everyone could bear such a strenuous journey physically and mentally, just like their friend who unfortunately lost the fight against ALS. That is why they chose the ALS foundation and the Plastic Soup foundation as good causes. At the finish line they had collected no less than € 66,000 in sponsorship money. A victory in itself!

Just to get to the start line was a challenge in itself especially during the COVID pandemic, but Bela wouldn't have missed it for the world. The life lessons she learned from nature are forever in her heart.

Are you up for the challenge? Get on board with Bela for 10 minutes, become part of her team and feel what it’s like when you surrender yourself to the elements of te sea.