Liesbeth Litjens and Bart Verlegh invite you to get a glimpse of the future on november 6th in the Maaspoort. During TEDxVenlo they will connect twelve futuristic speakers with the audience. Are you ready for the future?

Meet Liesbeth!
Liesbeth Litjens, 41, working as program manager at Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo and volunteer from the start of TEDxVenlo.

“Back in the future: my personal mission is successfully completed when my children at the age of twenty-something seriously consider Venlo as a place to life and work, because it is. Both the TEDxVenlo and Brightlands community can and will contribute to that.”

“In 2013, Bart Verlegh asked via social media for volunteers to organize a TEDx in Venlo. I’ve decided to raise my hand and that’s when it all started. We’ve built the event step by step with a great team of volunteers. We’ve enjoyed every speaker and performer so far and look forward to this year’s edition.”

“I can strongly advise anyone to volunteer and raise your hand every once in a while. Yes, there is a time effort, but the reward is priceless. You meet the coolest and nicest people, from international students to entrepreneurs, that contribute their talent and dedication to the event. You’ll personally break through borders and gain new insights and perspectives on subjects that matter. And you’ll also have fun along the way. Cooperation brings us closer together, and, together, further forwards.”

Meet Bart!
"Bart Verlegh, 33, entrepreneur and owner of marketing- and business development agency Bluehub.

"Since I started my own firm I am amazed of all the great ideas this region has to offer. It inspired me to start organizing TEDxVenlo for the first time in 2014."

"For TEDxVenlo is not only special because of the great ideas we have collected, assessed and promoted on stage the last few years. TEDxVenlo is far more then that. TEDxVenlo is a community of inspired volunteers, partners and speakers who, together, are a unique for the Venlo region. Working with these people is very inspiring. It broadened my worldview and I am confident this will continue in the future."

"I am proud to be part of this group of inspired people and I would love to see you joining our community.
Be welcome!"