Open vacancy

You are excited about change. You want to make a difference to your city. And whatever you do, you are outstanding at it. Besides that, you're fun to work with. Does this sound like you? Then we certainly have a spot for you!

 Which team can I join? 

At TEDxVenlo we have multiple teams, each with a specific discipline. And they can all use your help!

Marketing and communications

Responsible for everything you see, hear and read online about TEDxVenlo. This dynamic team interviews speakers, creates promotional videos and social media, manages the website and even organises photoshoots. Of course they also manage offline communication. Do you have something to offer us? Then this team has a spot for you!


This team will lead all production and planning for the day of the event. The team oversees and organises all things happening on the day of the event related to content production, stage management, technology and video. Do you like being in the heat of the event? Are you a person who enjoys action? Or organizing? Then the production team might be for you!

Liaison partners 

This team activates partners and sponsors with a great TEDx promotion package. Does this sound good to you? And if you want to help develop the relationships with our appreciated partners and sponsors, then this team could be for you.


The TEDxVenlo community consists of about 40 volunteers and our new and previous speakers. Our community is a valued asset of TEDxVenlo and we treasure the people in it. This team is responsible for volunteer coordination, volunteer events as well as internal communication. Are you a connector and a builder? Then this team is for you. 

Speakers’ coaching/scouting team

The quality of our speakers is essential for the success of TEDxVenlo. This team scouts interesting speakers with great ideas worth spreading. Once the speakers are selected, they are coached intensively by our enthusiastic speakers’ coaches to get to the TEDxVenlo red dot on center stage. Do you have connections through your network for possible speakers? Do you enjoy public speaking and have the skill set to help others? Then this team might be the place for you!

 What's in it for me? 

It's an exciting opportunity to develop your skills, meet new, great people and have fun at the same time. You will experience TEDxVenlo in a very special way, see the talks on the day of the main event and of course, the afterparty. Believe us, it's legendary!

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for individuals who are excited about change and that are available from June until November.

Time commitment

Starting from June onwards until the main event we will be busy with speaker selection, coaching, promoting TEDxVenlo through interviews, making videos and social media. There will be periodic team meetings.  Each team has a team leader who is in the Operations Team overseeing TEDxVenlo. During our volunteer events you get to meet each other and connect and have a glass of wine or beer. 

How can I apply? 

By filling in the form below. One of the team members will contact you.