We are looking for people like you!

TEDxVenlo is a foundation that organises a yearly conference in line with TEDx guidelines; great ideas worth spreading by selected speakers, enthusiastic volunteers and regional partners supporting this community. 

But we are more than a foundation organizing a great event. We are a team where you will find lots of creativity with dedicated and passionate volunteers. Needless to say,one of TEDxVenlo’s greatest strengths are our volunteers.  

In total, over fifty volunteers contribute to TEDXVenlo in time, knowledge and energy. We are currently starting preparations for TEDxVenlo 2019. Do you want to join and be part of the TEDxVenlo family? Apply for one of the vacancies below. 

IT support colleague

Do you want to join the TEDx community as our IT-specialist? Do you know how to work with various software tools and packages? Can you configure and manage file sharing applications, newsletter programs and do you know your way around in the back-end of a website or database? Do you like helping others in teaching/training them how to work with the software? Can you recommend which software is most suitable for our needs and implement it? Do you have about an hour a week free to spend, up to 4 hours in June-November? Then we are looking for you! 

Open application

TEDxVenlo is always looking for motivated volunteers. Are you a TED(x) fan, are you involved in the region and do you think you can add value to our event? Check what you can do by clicking on the link below. Perhaps you can be one of the TEDxVenlo pioneers in our region. 

Bloggers NL / UK

A community is full of opinions. And Ideas Worth Spreading rapidly leads to discussion within this community. And that is good, because opinions are subsequently formed and ideas improve. We are looking for bloggers to start and stimulate these discussions and opinions being formed and started. People with an opinion and people who have clear opinions. But also people who want to become inspired and who are true TED addicts. Each week we want to feature multiple blogs on our website and during events we work towards live reporting, certainly during TEDxVenlo. And that in multiple languages, because we are an Euregional community within the international TED community.

You can register directly with Esther Klein, by filling in the form here.