Partner Universiteit Maastricht

Campus Venlo is located in the city center of Venlo. Since 2012, it is housed adjacent to the Julianapark in a 1930s building at the Deken van Oppensingel. This fairly ‘new’ university in Venlo is part of the Maastricht University. Maastricht University expanded to Venlo to strengthen the knowledge economy of northern Limburg. Rogier Gerardu talks to us about their contributions to the region and TEDx Venlo.

Could you describe something about yourself and your role at University of Maastricht?

Maastricht University Campus Venlo is a young branch office in Venlo. Part of the ‘knowledge axel’ the campus strives to contribute to the economic development of the region. Since 2009 students can enroll in two masters MSc Global Supply Chain Management & Change en MSc Health Food Innovation Management.

In 2015 we’ve added a university bachelor ‘University College Venlo (UCV)’ where students can fully specialize in the areas of food, nutrition and health.

Why has the University of Maastricht joined an initiative like TEDx Venlo?

We challenge our students to not just learn the curriculum of our courses but also to actively develop their talents and interests. During TEDx Venlo memorable and inspiring ideas are shared by creative and energetic individuals. We believe firmly in those settings. We support TEDx Venlo and view our collaboration as a great way to share even more great ideas that benefit the world!

How have you seen our region evolve?

The province of Limburg, the University of Maastricht and the City of Venlo have recently presented their plans at the Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo. In the Villa Flora/ Innovatoren area a high-end R&D facility is currently in development with a strong focus on food, nutrition and health. Also, there are cross-overs to logistics and the manufacturing industry. Our ambition is to globally excel in these subjects and really become the ‘place to be’.

How has your organization evolved?

Maastricht University Campus recently started the first research program in Villa Flora; ‘Healthy Eating and Food Innovation (HEFI)’. Our first line, microbiological research, has a great appeal to local businesses. The second line, focused on health claims (CCFC) with regards to nutrition is in the starting blocks. Within this research program scientific evidence is gathered to study the effects of nutrition in human health.


We are constantly developing and eager to set a fundament for new and exciting connections.