Partner HAS

The HAS University of Applied Sciences is an independent university of applied sciences, specializing in agriculture, horticulture, food, nature conservation and environment. It is also the home of Marc Pruijssers; lecturer Food Innovation. Could you describe something about yourself and your role at HAS

As a lecturer and coordinator of the ‘Food Innovation’ program (one of the best HBO food studies in the Netherlands according to ‘Keuzegids HBO’ and ‘Elsevier’) I am responsible for developing, delivering and continuously improving our education program.

Besides this I am involved in organizing activities with our partners, for our students. Think innovative projects, longer term co-operations, or the ‘Dutch Agrifood Week’. And now, together with Fontys and Maastricht University, partnering with TEDx Venlo! Why has the HAS joined an initiative like TEDx Venlo?

TEDx Venlo is a unique concept. It deliberately creates space to share great ideas. We would like our students to know that their ideas, no matter how crazy or ground-breaking, are worth sharing.

On one hand TEDx Venlo offers a stage to our students, like Dominique. On the other, our students who are part of the audience, are inspired to realize their ideas, too! How have you seen our region evolve?

I have been active and familiar with the region of Northern Limburg for two years. In this period, I have met many entrepreneurs with forward thinking ideas and plans. The entrepreneurial climate feels great here, there seems to be some kind of contagious ‘vibe’ of ‘wanting to move forward’. I have understood that the realization of the HAS in Venlo has positively contributed to that.

How has your organization evolved?

This year, HAS celebrates its 69th birthday. In this time, we have to the versatile and innovative knowledge partner that we are today, in the domain of agro, food and natural environment.

Our partner companies and students inspire us to, every day, renew and reinvent ourselves and to evolve. That is of major importance to our dynamic sector that is constantly changing. Luckily, our flexibility and ability to change is valued by companies and our students. With the ultimate recognition of ‘Best University of Applied Sciences’ by Elsevier this year.