Partner Fontys

Rob Thuijls believes in connection. With people and within our region. Currently a board member and marketer at Fontys Venlo. A knowledge provider that is a big player in education in Venlo. Could you describe something about yourself and your role at Fontys?

As a board member at Fontys Venlo I am in daily contact with all kinds of organizations in our region to give our students the possibility to develop themselves to become true professionals. Essentially this is what it is all about At the moment 4200 students are enrolled at Fontys and we believe in personal and internationally focused education. Why has Fontys joined an initiative like TEDx Venlo

Organizations and companies need to change and innovate constantly. Always looking for new business models, because competing on pricing is not a valid option anymore in the Euregion, Fontys Venlo needs to educate a different type of student. Of great quality but with a different attitude and skillset. Innovative thinking is one of the key elements here. This off course interacts seamlessly with TEDx and this is why we feel and what to show our connection.

How have you seen our region evolve?

The Venlo region is developing positively. Mostly everybody knows that we are the number one logistical hotspot. But what I’ve seen over the past several years is a strong development of internationally active companies in small to medium sized businesses. A few ‘gems’ are active here that are not remarkable in size but true market leaders in their niche. Our students are educated to think beyond borders. Something they can execute perfectly here.

How has your organization evolved?

Education is always changing. We are very active in our modern education ambitions. More so, since we are preparing for a wave of students that are born in this ‘new’ century. People that have been dealing with smartphones and tablets in elementary school. That think of online collaboration, gathering knowledge and seeing the world is very natural. There is a vast amount of opportunities here that we would love to bring to the realm of education.