Rob Collin, 40 years old, and a Principle Investigator on Molecular Therapies for Inherited Eye Disorders has some ideas that could change the way we look at genetic disorders, and how to keep future treatments affordable.

“My profession is pretty unique so I don’t think this topic is sufficiently covered. In addition, even though I don’t have a clear solution to the problem, I do have some valid ideas that need to be looked at.”

Hope in new sight
Rob Collin is an Associate Professor at Radboud University Medical Centre and an ambitious research scientist. He aims to develop new treatment strategies for individuals that are born blind, or become blind during their life, due to errors in their DNA.

There is an undeniable passion and commitment in his dedication. The general hobby is to get away from work but not only is eye disorders his daily work, it is also his hobby. Digging into this topic, Rob opens up the discussion to the upcoming possibilities to treat visual impairments,  but also shows the implications it will have on society.

Rob in a personal light
“A former classmate of mine suggested that I participate in TEDxVenlo. Even though I work in Nijmegen, I have practically lived my whole life in Venlo, and strongly consider myself a true ‘Venlonaer’. Regardless of region, eye disorders are an issue to every community, and every country in the world. I have learnt that you come across opportunities that arise, and you need to decide at that very moment whether you will go for it or not. Above all, I strive to perfection in everything I do, but I try to do this in a way that is pleasant for both the people I work with and myself. I aspire to make my claim just as engaging for the audience."

Pay Attention
"Something needs to change to maintain the evolution and advancement of technological developments in medical science"Rob thinks. "The novel treatment strategies that arise from that, as well as the health costs should be in balance. It needs to be available to the average man on the street, but in order for that to be attainable, sufficient funding,support, and policy-making need to be established."

"At TEDxVenlo, firstly I want to address to the audience that they need to be aware of the complexity of the problem and perceive my view to a possible solution. Secondly, for myself, I wish to find another view on the problem and how to extract potential solutions for it. At the end of the day, we are all learning to see."

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