Stephan Schürmann will explain why 3D printing is ready for the next step, regardless of whether the industry is ready for it.

‘Willie Wortel’ in training
Industrial entrepreneur, engineer and founder of BLACKBELT 3D Stephan Schürmann has always had a passion for new ideas. “My superhero is ‘Willie Wortel’ (part of the Donald Duck universe, Duckburg's most famous inventor, red.). He has the power to change the world!”

Shout out to the educators!
The 27-year-old studied Industrial Design Engineering at Fontys Hogescholen in Venlo. He credits the teachers with boosting his creativity and also encouraging him to get onto that TEDx stage on November 7th and share his idea worth spreading.

Ready for the next step
That doesn’t mean that he was unfamiliar with TEDxVenlo before that. He has visited several times before and is a huge fan! It is no wonder that he is excited to take the stage November 7th. Stephan will explain why 3D printing is ready for the next step with his new production technology in 3D printing. The industry might not be ready for it but, says Schürmann: “I want to inspire other people with my idea and encourage them to get unreal with me.”

Get unreal
“To me, unreal is just what’s not real yet. We need unrealistic ideas to shape our future.” The avid paraglider admits to feeling slightly out of place on a stage: “This is very new to me. I am more of a thinker and creator than a talker. I’m learning a lot of new things right now.”

Curious to find out how Stephan’s 3D printing technique will change the world? Register now and let him explain how it works on November 7th!