“I want to inspire people to take their health and life in their own hands, that nature has all we need to stay healthy and strong, we don’t need to be consumers of pharmaceutical industries.” Nicole Vernhout, 27, A nutritional specialist and endurance athlete plunges into the reality of taking control over your own health.

This is not your ordinary mundane nutrition review, this is Nicole, sharing her personal journey in healthy practices.

No challenge is too hard, nothing is impossible
With a bachelor’s degree in medicine and an imminent masters graduate in Health Food and Innovation, Nicole aims to finish the race with science and sports under her belt! Nicole studied Medicine for 5 years and 2 years in Nutrition. She proves that no challenge is too hard. She has a scientific background in academia and is an ultra trail marathon runner, an extreme endurance athlete on the highest level. It is no wonder she has paramount knowledge on the pathophysiology of disease, the effect nutrition has on the body and how this applies to extreme sports and exercise. “This is my passion and I know this is one of the main ways to true happiness.” Sports for a cause.

Running like a spirit, wild and free!
People have been telling me that I should do a talk, I’ve always dreamed of being an ultra runner, running like a spirit, wild and free! My biggest goal is to add my stone in building a better world. I think I have the ability to show people how to reach that goal. The future is very bright, it’s a topic that is really booming right now and people are becoming more aware about health and nutrition. I practice all the theory I read in the literature, I’m pretty much a living experiment. I want to inspire people to to take their health and life in their own hands, nature is all we need to stay healthy and strong. Thriving and flourishing beyond our pensions is possible! If there is a strong wish, there is a way.

Preparing for the race
Nicole and her TEDx coach, Ton Dijkstra, venture into the extracts that truly represent and highlight her talk. Understanding the interesting and important facets of information to include, “I have Skype meetings with Ton and these are extremely productive, I’ve never considered doing this, but when the opportunity was proposed, I couldn’t reject it.” She aspires to help people take initiative on their own lives and open their eyes to healthy living, let her show you how on November 6th at TEDxVenlo.

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