This week the TEDxVenlo Foundation was granted the official licence to organise TEDx events from On 31 March the foundation will launch the TEDxBinnenhof Viewing Party during its inaugural event. The main TEDxVenlo event will be held at the start of November.

TEDxVenlo receives a licence from

TEDxVenlo Foundation

The foundation has the ambition to make innovations and renewal from this region more visible to the world. They wish to further strengthen the connections between Dutch and German innovations from various industries, companies and people. The foundation is inspired by the TED philosophy Ideas Worth Spreading. Bart Verlegh is the instigator of the foundation together with six other people from the Venlo region. and TEDx

TED is an American foundation with Ideas Worth Spreading as its philosophy. At a TED conference innovative and inspiring people give “the talk of their life time” within 18 minutes maximum. These talks are called TED Talks. Globally renowned people such as Bill Gates and Al Gore have given talks at TED conferences. Because of the success of the conference, TED has introduced the TEDx concept. This allows people to organise a TED inspired event under licence. The “X” stands for ‘independently organized event’.

TEDxBinnenhof Viewing Party

TEDxVenlo Foundation will celebrate the official launch of the TEDx Community on 31 March during its first event: the TEDxBinnenhof Viewing Party. This concerns a live broadcast of TEDxBinnenhof, held in the Ridderzaal in The Hague, with Global Challenges, Dutch Solutions as its theme. The event will take place at the Blue Innovation Center, Noorderpoort 45, in Venlo.