'A good financial plan is key. How can you make your world go round?'

Money Metaphors: What do assets and people at a party have in common? How financial principles can transform into bubble poppers. From complexity to plain and simple via metaphors, turning your financial challenges into a party you do not want to miss.

“I’ve always loved to be outdoors, enjoying time with family and friends and just celebrating life, making the smallest victories or any occasion for that matter a reason to organize a party.” Being an entrepreneur since 2013, having my own financial training company, combined with a 12-hour job as a financial controller, I just love finance and the southern Burgundy way of life, the typically Limburgian life style. But being self-employed can get pretty lonely and as I’m always ready for a new challenge, being part of TedxVenlo 2021 is a great opportunity to meet interesting people, learn a lot and face that red dot challenge to speak at the main event.”

Finance is often seen as complex and boring, a bothersome necessity, but it is also the “one” thing that makes the world go round. No matter what dreams you chase or projects you want to start, a good financial plan is key. A prerequisite for getting the green light to start but also to convince your investor or the company’s controller that your project fits the overall fundamental goals and should be executed.

Show me the Money

Being diagnosed with dyslexia, Susan, always coping with thick tough finance books, now makes them “easy as pie” by implementing four basic goals making your quest for money simple and joyful. Are you eager to enjoy finance? Making your money do more for you? Come and listen to Susan Marcussen, join her party on stage and make sure you get a big piece of the pie!