The origin of products Farmers, consumers & the future of our planet

Is our “Consumer mindset” actually able to always take our planet Earth’s viability in consideration while we’re consuming or buying products? How can the stewards of our planet be rewarded and become an existential part of a brand-experience?

A most modest impression one gets interviewing Erwin van Woudenberg, with a friendly face and a big smile he humbly tells us he’s to be appointed professor at HAS University of Applied sciences, leading a research program, Innovative Entrepreneurship in Rural Areas, aiming to develop new business models including nature-inclusive agriculture.

“If we want to take care of our planet, we need to take better care of the stewards of our earth: the farmers. Market forces realize low prices for farmers' production of food and fibres. This makes it impossible for the farmer to create a sustainable earth.”

Erwin comes up with unconventional solutions that inspire action, especially within agriculture and in connection with biodiversity and supply chains. He proudly tells us about his travels to the village of Lubuklinggau, on Sumatra, Indonesia where he is working on a rather revolutionary solution with Mr. Karmain. This farmer works on his rubber farm every day, while making decisions to either protect the forest or provide food for his family. 

Within the complexity of world-wide supply chains Erwin brings a solution to the table that is surprisingly simple and will make you wonder why nobody has come up with it before. Awareness is key in a call for action upon the commercial big brands. Shall we pop some bubbles? Listen to Erwin and discover that his solution is not just for farmers abroad.