Not a big happy nut but just Coen!

You don't have to be perfect! That is Coen's motto. But how do you do that when the world and your environment is expecting something different from you? Coen gives you a sparkling artistic answer to this question.

The idea of not having to be perfect is not a new idea. It is as old as the hills. But Coen's route there is spectacular and out of the box. The approach is playful and light-hearted, because letting go of perfection can be quite tough.

Coen, a Sunday child and bon vivant, lives with his wife and son in Amsterdam. He seems to have had few setbacks in his life. Despite this, he has always been looking for the man he would most like to be. At the age of 58, he has finally figured it out. Where in the past he wanted to convince entire audiences of his right and happiness as a !happy nut”, he now sees what it brings him if he is also allowed to be vulnerable and not perfect.

We are all different and we all have different paths in life. And besides, sometimes path works, sometimes it doesn't. The reasons why a person acts the way he does are therefore always different. This means that we do not always react the way we would like to and in this we are all basically the same.

Precisely this great common denominator brings us mutual connection, provided we give each other space and trust. And Coen gives you plenty of that, but what that common denominator is you will have to experience yourself!

So, do you dare to step out of your comfort zone and see your life from a different perspective? Bring out the kid in you and stay until the end for a spectacular end of TedxVenlo 2021!