Get Unreal with TEDx Venlo at the Zomerparkfeesten on August 18th in the TEATRO tent! There will be talks that will give you a sneak peek of what is to come at the next TEDx Venlo main event on November 7th in theatre De Maaspoort.

If Alie de Boer, researcher at Maastricht University, had her way, rules and regulations in the food industry would be thrown out the window and we would get back to the drawing board. ‘They’ tell us broccoli is good for us, but how do we know for sure? And how are chocolate sprinkles ‘healthy’? Alie will clear things up for us.

Big questions
Storyteller Marcel Lahaije is here for the big questions: “Do you often feel like there is something missing in your life and you can’t figure out what it is?” Are you ready for the answer?

Artificial Intelligence
Roy Lenders will take you to the world of Artificial Intelligence (A.I). The impact of A.I will be huge, Roy thinks. “ All new innovations have AI inside. I will tell you what impact AI will have in our lives.”

Learn from refugees
Frankie Dickens think we limit ourselves and our countries by seeing the arrival of refugees as a crisis. “In reality, refugees can offer us so much – if we reach out and allow them to.”

Herm Lecluse will talk about the hackerspace. And no, that does not mean what you think it means. What is it then? You’ll find out on August 18th.

Get Unreal! 
Are you ready to Get Unreal?! Come listen to the TEDx Venlo talks at the Teatro Maaspoort tent at Zomerparkfeesten. Be there on August 18th from 6.45PM-7.30PM.