“Residual streams is one of the key issues for our energy transition.” Jeroen Burks, 30, founder of Blockheating, envisions a residual waste innovation that utilizes excess heat from data servers.

Are you familiar with residual streams? The leftovers of energy? Do you ever think about the costs vs payoffs on the products you invest in? Jeroen did.

“Business and private wise, I find it difficult to overpay for a product or service. There are alternatives to the heating that we develop on the market.”

Alternative Energy
The 30-year old was born and raised in Limburg. His early studies started in applied physics in Delft but switched to business administration. He desired a more unique combination of physics solutions and business. An interesting blend. With his previous start-up, Jeroen took the initiative to move to Venlo. His company, Blockheating, was born to develop modern solutions that use residual heat from data center servers as a heating source for greenhouses. This sounds like money to save on energy costs!

Don’t be left behind!
Residual streams are a hot topic in the field of energy efficiency, one of the current topics in the next few upcoming years. With increasing digitization, it is essential to ensure that energy is reused and sustainable. In Venlo, Blockheating looks at the possibilities and processes of residuals, keeping up with the looming energy-mania!

Because it can be done. Industries such as Telecity, France together with the French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA) already use the heat generated in Telecity to grow and research plants. IBM data center, Switzerland is being used to heat a swimming pool for the local community.

Stubborn and Analytical
“I’m guilty of being stubborn and analytical, much like a lot of consumers out there On the 6th of November at TEDxVenlo, I want to give people an insight and unique perspective about this topic. I think it’s nice to share experience what I have come across in my journey. I would like the audience to take away two things from my talk.  First of all, that people see residual streams and think of someone who might use. And two; that they realize that using residual streams is never free but cost and eco-efficient. Perspective is the big difference.”

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