Everything about the event

When and where is the TEDxVenlo event this year?
The event is om November 6th at the Maaspoort, Oude Markt 30, Venlo

What time does it start?
We start at 13.00 Hours with the openingact.
We expect it to end around 6 o'clock.

Which speakers speak on TEDxVenlo?
The 12 fantastic speakers that show you a glimpse of the future on November 6th can be found here
Interviews with the speakers themselves can be found here.

Is there a program already, so that I can see which speaker to go to when?
No, we are still making the exact layout. When the program is final, you can find it here. What we can already tell you is that the doors close at 13.00 and the talks last until 5.30 pm. After that it is bites and drinks for everyone.

Can I walk in and leave whenever I want?
We prefer not, because you will interrupt the talk of the speaker. And does not every speaker deserve a little support? When it really can not be otherwise, come in or leave during a break.

Are there breaks?
Yes, there are. Everybody wants to go to the bathroom once, to have a drink or to chat about a talk they have just seen. We do not have the complete program yet. But if we have this, we will publish here when the breaks are.

Where can I park my car?
Click on the links below to see where you can park your car in Venlo. 

Centrum Maasboulevard 





Program TEDxVenlo 2018